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An Shui Wan

Herbal Formula:   An Shui Wan

Western Name:   Peaceful Sleep Pills

Dating from:  Dr. Chang Chung-Ching   142 A.D.

Ingredients:   Polygala tenuifolia root, Rehmannia glutinosa root-prep., Schisandra chinensis fruit, Biota orientalis seed, Ziziphus spinosa seed, Citrus reticulata peel, Poria cocos fungus, Dioscorea opposita rhizome, Codonopsis pilosula root, Angelica sinensis root, Scrophularia ningpeoensis root, Ophiopogon japonicus tuber platycodon grandiflorum root, Stephania sinica root, Atroctylodes macrocephala rhiaome, Acorus gramineue rhizome, Glyrrhiza uralensis root.

An Shui Wan- or Peaceful Sleep Pill- a classical Chinese herbal formula to calm nerves and promote sleep.  An Mien wan cools liver heat, and reduces stress. It is especially useful for those who have problems sleeping due to heat or congestion in liver.  Useful for treating insomnia, anxiety, depression. Insomnia can be caused by several issues.  

  • Set a regular schedule for sleep, with a heavy emphasis on stable bedtime routines.
    so whether you are tired or not, when bed time roles around, off to bed you go.
  • Exercise regularly, but avoid heavy exercise before bedtime. Easy breathing is fine, but nothing
    that will raise your heart rate.
  • Avoid taking naps.
  • 30 minutes before bedtime, start unwinding.  Reduce the noise, reduce the lights, and relax into a good frame of mind
  • Reserve the bedroom for sleep only, so if you have a television ,or stereo, place them in the family room, or any other room except the bedroom.
  • Go to bed when ready to sleep and leave the bedroom if unable to sleep after 30 minutes.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol or over-the-counter sleep medications as sleep inducers.
  • Try not to rely in caffeine to stay awake, this causes a vicious circle.   You will need more and more caffeine to stay wake, because you will not be able to sleep at night.
  • Try deep breathing...  Nice deep long inhaling, and just as long exhaling.  

   I have seen many people  replace medications such as Prozac, Risperidol, Zoloft, Ambien, Soma, and others with An Shui Wan. Safe, non-addictive, gentle. The Chinese herbal approach is to correct the problem, not just treat the symptoms. Contains no drugs, chemicals, Kava kava, or poisonous substances.  Unlike pharmaceuticals An Shui Wan will not cause a hangover or drowsy affect the next day.  Caution is always advised when taking any relaxant.

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